The Seven Shades of Hipster

Hipsters have walked among us "conformists" since the dawn of day. Okay, maybe more like a fistful of years -- who the hell is counting? Since their subcultural conception in the early 2000s, they have been garnered with a notorious rep of looking -- and sometimes smelling -- all the same.

The phrase "that's so hipster" is the inferred diagnosis if you've been caught: A) Wearing a bowler hat on the reg; B) Buying a pair of leather ankle booties usually donning some sort of conspicuous hardware, or C) Neglecting your hygienic duties of slappin' on some deodorant. Hey, no judgment.

Regardless of the stereotypes, all hipsters are not created equally. In fact, you probably never even heard about the assortment of different subcategories within in the subculture -- sub-subcultures, if you will. (Creating new words is so hipster.)

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