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Basketball Wives, Season 2: A Who's Who of the New Additions

When we wrote our Who's Who of Season 2 of Basketball Wives, there were only six wives (well, quasi wives) on the show. But last week, the puppet masters behind our new favorite reality show introduced three more ladies. And as there was no new episode of Basketball Wives last night (thanks, Christmas), we thought we'd scratch your Wives itch with a profile of these new additions. They include two actual wives of NBA players (gasp!) and a recently scorned fiancé. Let's do this.

Juli Richmond: Newbie Juli stops in for episode two for just a minute to

give Jennifer some marriage advice (which Jennifer should probably

listen to). She has been married to Mitch Richmond for almost 17 years,

which for any marriage -- especially one in the NBA -- is amazing. And

her husband ain't too shabby himself: He is the first player in the

Sacramento Kings history to have his jersey retired. Pretty impressive,

uh? In true baskbetball style, she references her friendship with Shaune

in NBA terms, "I have been knowing (yes, direct quote) Shaunie since

Shaq played in L.A." And while she seems like she is going to be a good

addition to the group, she's pretty mellow, so who knows how long she

will be around.

Kim Russell: Like her friend Juli, Kim has been married to her boo Bryon

Russell for almost two decades. She comes in big in the second episode

of Season Two with her amazing advice on marriage: "If you don't have

sex in your marriage, you have no marriage." That is some great

knowledge. And it's nice to have another actual "Basketball Wife" in the

picture. Her hubby is also a pretty big deal in the NBA, mainly known

for helping the Utah Jazz reach back-to-back appearances in the NBA

finals (ergo, the Mormons love him).


Gloria Govan: And then there was Gloria. Remember her? She was famous in

Season One for being the sister of a girl who apparently slept with

Shaq while he was married to Shaunie. Oh yeah, drama! She didn't show up

to the reunion, which pissed the other wives off just a little bit...

well, a lot. She said she would never return, but surprise, surprise,

she is back and not much has changed. So far, they all still hate her

except Suzie who needs her because she has no friends. But the real

drama for Gloria isn't the fact all the bitches are ready to beat her.

First, her fiance called off their wedding earlier this year. Oh and a

couple of days ago, a hooker tweeted that Matt Barnes, Gloria's barely

famous Laker playing beau, has frequently used her services while being

engaged to Gloria. We hope that drama makes the show!

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