Dave Chappelle as Antoine Dodson and Other Celebs We Think Should Play Viral Stars

According to the Sun, Glenn "Bunny Boiler" Close has apparently beat out Catherine Zeta Jones and Robin Williams (who apparently loves dressing in drag and speaking in a British accent) for one of the most coveted roles in Hollywood -- Susan Boyle.

Frumpy, caterpillar-eye-browed, Pebbles-the-cat-loving Susan Boyle rose to international fame in 2009 when a video of her as a contestant on Britain's Got Talent was uploaded onto YouTube making her a viral video phenomenon, a household name, and worth an estimated $16.5 million.

And in honor of Boyle's biopic, we've chosen 10 other actors we feel would be perfectly suited to play some other noteworthy viral superstars. Not that Hollywood has ever asked us for our preference or anything.