Why Party On New Year's Eve When You Can Sip On Mocktails and Raise Your Frequency?

New Year's Eve is a night when Magic City locals really let loose -- we drink and dance the night away, spending hour after sweaty hour in an overcrowded nightclub, racking up a three digit bar tab. Wait, that's just a regular night in the 305, isn't it?

Why do we spend New Year's Eve doing the same exact thing we do on any given Saturday throughout the year? To wake up on January 1 with a headache the size of Mickey Mouse's ears and a bank balance the size of his penis?

Ring in the New Year with a healthy, cleansing celebration instead. The Center for Grace offers a way to spend your NYE in a way that will bring you "intention, power, and clarity!" instead of misery, pregnancy tests, and vomiting.

"Bringing in the Light" offers many activities sure to beat gyrating against some schmexy stranger in the middle of a dance floor. After all, who wants a no strings attached hook up with a gorgeous stranger to bring in the New Year? Um, cough, om! Om!

Here's a peek at the festivities:

Sip on mocktails and conscious cocktails as some charlatan psychic reads your tarot cards before the Surrender and Release ceremony -- which precedes the Setting Intentions Manisfestation Ceremony. After your intentions have been set, you being moves on to sound healing and raising your frequency, and then (wait for it) you get to bring in the New Year in silence.

After all that spiritual mumbo jumbo, you get to indulge your pure Miaminess, and dance!

All white attire required. Admission costs $35, which includes living foods buffet and mocktails. Get your om on at the Center for Grace (132 NE First Ave., Hallandale).

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