Free Events This Week: Beasts of the Southern Wild, Health Screenings, and Art Speak

After this dismally rainy, grey weekend, we're starting to forget why we love South Florida.

A vitamin D deficiency is starting to set in and Monday mornings make optimists of none of us.

Hopefully the weekend wasn't a total loss and you scored an objet d'art in the Grove or some free champagne at the boat show. Or got wasted while watching the season finale of Downton Abbey. Whatever.

Luckily, there's some free stuff to look forward to this week, so don't fall into the depths of work-week depression just yet.

Check out this week's budget-friendly film screenings, arts events, and more after the jump.


  • Beasts of the Southern Wild at SoundScape: Undoubtedly you've heard your girlfriend, second cousin, and the cashier at your dry cleaners rave about this flick. Might as well finally see it, and on a 7,000-foot screen, no less.


  • Locust Roundtable Discussion: Talking about Beyonce's wardrobe and the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother gets old after awhile. Give your brain a little boost and discuss Death, Danger, Detritus with an artsy, intellectual crowd.


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