Art Basel Miami Beach

Miami's Culturati to Play Soccer on the "Moon" During Art Basel

For most of us, that childhood dream of soaring into outer space probably set sail long ago (specifically, after we were too old to attend Space Camp). But during Art Basel, anything is possible -- including a stroll in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong.

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Havaianas, makers of the ubiquitous flip flop, are teaming up with Art Basel to host a series of soccer games on the moon. (In this case, the moon is actually 1,125 square meters of Miami Beach, but to all concerned, it will appear very much like the lunar landing site of Apollo 11.)

During a three day period, four teams made up of artists, collectors, curators, art critics and gallery owners (not your average athletes) will go head to head to raise awareness for pollution and beach erosion.

The players will wear branded uniforms, and the sand will be strewn with vintage treasure chests full of Havaianas original flip-flops. The traditional style is circa 1962, and features a white food bed with a contrasting, colorful strap.

Created by French duo Kolkoz, the landscape, dubbed "Luna Park," will feature three co-existing realities. One, the lunar landing site; two, Miami Beach; and three, the soccer tournament. According to their official write-up, "The artists question the notion of the negative and the inversion of images through the ambivalence between the Moon and the Earth, dead planet and living planet." The name is a tribute to the first spaceship of the attraction "A Trip to the Moon" from the World's Fair of 1901 in Buffalo, New York.

In addition to that art-speak definition, the concept is designed to bring attention to beach erosion issues. Players and spectators will walk on and destroy the surface of the moon. The craters will then be remodeled only to be destroyed again, as an ode to the refurbishment constantly underway due to tourist traffic on Miami's beaches.

Only in Miami can we wear flip flops on the moon. Best city ever.

There'll be one match held per day from December 5 through 8 at 5 p.m. (open to the public starting at 4 p.m.) at "Luna Park," located in front of the Bass Museum, between the W Hotel and the Setai, on the beach between 21st and 22nd streets. The final match will be held on Saturday, December 8, at 5 p.m. The site itself will be open to the public from December 6 through 8 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily

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