Here's A Christmas Tree Made From Miami New Times Issues

We know you pick up the Miami New Times every week. You read it cover to cover, of course, and when you're done, what do you do with it? Recycle? Line your hamster cage? Start a bonfire?

This holiday season, Kathleen Colwell and Jason Neighbour had a better idea. They used dozens of old issues to create a collage Christmas tree.

"We were going to throw away the phone books so we thought to recycle them instead," she said. "We both love the New Times -- the art and images are great."

The couple started with a tabletop lamp and built around it, using yellow pages from the phone book as the base. They spent a couple days adding their favorite images from the New Times and topped with whole thing off with a conventional touch: a string of Christmas lights.

Colwell went to art school and then had a t-shirt business in New York City. Now she works at the Fontainebleau as a banquet server, but she still paints on occasion.

Her boyfriend, Neighbour, works as a roofer, but he also writes and paints. They're a couple of bonafide creatives, and their Christmas tree is a challenge to all Miamians: What can you make with your (thoroughly read) copies of the New Times?

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