Kim Kardashian Is the Bubble-Butted Muse Behind Jorge Delara's Book of Ass

Beautiful asses get the American people pretty excited. I mean, "The Thong Song," anyone? Then there's that pool of sexy lady celebs like Kim Kardashian, J-Lo, and Shakira whose careers have been hugely boosted by the masterpieces in their pants. And let's not even mention the billion and one words we've invented to describe it: butt, booty, bottom, backside, keister, tush, trunk, rump, hams, caboose, fanny, ba donk a donk, etc.

Now one of the ass's biggest fans, Miami artist and author Jorge Delara, has decided put his considerable talents to work on a comic book devoted entirely to his endless love for the human posterior. There are asses on faces, asses in the trash, street asses, dumb asses, and a dedication to "all those asses and assholes who never got the respect and recognition they deserved."

Looking for answers, Cultist sat down with Delara to ask about the inspiration behind this gluteal epic, The Book Of Ass.

New Times: What exactly is the Book of Ass?

Jorge Delara: It started as something crazy. I was working in printing and my boss said something about kicking my ass and I thought it was so funny, so I just jotted down a little picture and it all kind of started from there. It's all about the ass, not necessarily an actual ass, but the word in general. Every use of the word in any way possible is in this book, but in comic form.

Your first two books were Dao Artistry and Baseball Artistry. How does the new one fit in?

It's just who I am. They couldn't be more unrelated - let's be honest. But I have played baseball my whole life and Daoism has been in existence for hundreds of years. Who knows how they all come together? But somehow it all comes together in a cool and unusual creative process.

So, we can easily say you're a big fan of the word?

It's the most versatile word in the English language. It's a noun. It's a verb. You really can use it to describe just about anything. After the incident with my boss, I started to write down all the ways we use it and all of sudden I had tons of sketches.

Which celebrity has the best caboose?

Angelina Jolie, no questions asked. J-Lo definitely has to have an honorary mention as well. We can't forget about Beyoncé. If there were an Olympics of Asses, Kim Kardashian would definitely get a medal or two.

There have been songs about the butt and now you've written a whole book about it. What is the best kind of booty from a man's perspective: a nice little one or some junk in the trunk?

I hate to say it, but Kim Kardashian has an ass no man would turn down. But, I am the self-proclaimed ass man, so I can easily say that men just love a good ass on a woman. Miami women hands down have some of the greatest asses in the world - all types, sizes, colors. God, I love this city.

You have a picture of the Kardashian sisters in your new book. 

The sisters are my newest comic! I mean, all three of their asses are just legendary. Kim's ass caught the attention of the entire world! That's pretty powerful. People were talking about how she has implants, but take a look at that thing and you know that it's just nature at its finest.

Who would you say has the best ass of all time? So awesome that statues and fountains should be dedicated in its honor?

Well ... I can't say, this is officially my next project.