Anthony Spinello Launches New Gallery Spinello Projects

It's last night, and Anthony Spinello is sanding down walls in his new

gallery space, dealing with what he calls some "finishing touches." But

all the bare, white space and even debris of renovation still laying

about seems to imply a long way to go before a gallery opening only

three days away. Covered in powder, Spinello, smiles and shrugs it off.

"It's OK ... You know The Amazing Race? That's pretty much my life."


is nothing anxious about the skinny 28-year-old with a shock of curly

black hair and well-groomed beard. There is only restless eagerness.

During a moment he has to sit down at a large, dark wood table in a

garage that will serve as his receiving area, he plays with a tightly

folded scrap of cardboard. He flips the tiny yellow square over and over

in his fingers or rubs it into an edge of the table as he speaks. "I'm

project-driven, and the artists I work with are project-driven. My

artists like to work site-specific, and this is a pretty cool space to


The space is a two-story building built in the 1940s

with 3,000 square feet of space, located just a block east of I-95 and

west of Wynwood. There are no other galleries in the immediate area, but

when it is finished, the new Spinello Projects will have plenty of space to offer an array of art. The rooms are almost labyrinthine and

exude characters all their own. Walking through one room, Spinello

imagines a great space for a video installation.