Heineken "Light Your Night" to Illuminate Art Basel, Destroy Grand Central

We could all use a little more luminosity in our lives, so we're pretty stoked about Heineken's plans for Art Basel. The beer brand is bringing the glow this December with its "Light Your Night" installation at, you guessed it, Light Box at Goldman Warehouse.

This epic lineup of fluorescent events will include kinetic light motion installations, video mapping demos and interactive light shows. And in the "Light Your Night Challenge," artists will compete to score a sweet trip to Amsterdam (an artistic Shangri-La if there ever was one). We got the inside scoop from Heineken and one of the competitors.

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The folks involved will include multi-media artists Yuri Tuma, Juan Carlos Zaldivar, Clifton Childree, Brandon Opalka, and Kevin Arrow. Childree had some interesting things to say about what's bound to go down at this blindingly bright Basel adventure.

"Mega watt hot steamy competition! Because there's gonna be so many lights," says Childree. "I anticipate a lot of extension cords, power strips (high demand), light bulbs, duct tape, etc."

As far as the unique qualities of light as art, Childree says, "Light helps draw attention, fill space, touches and incorporates the viewer."

While the artists work has to incorporate the campaign's colors, graphics, and/or logo into their light installations, those are the only restrictions. It won't be a Heineken branding bonanza, in other words.

The artists' work will go on display on December 3rd. Attendees will win, too, since they'll be doling out free Heineken during the exhibition.

In addition to the above, one of the coolest elements of the overall lineup is bound to be the video mapping installation scheduled for the side of Grand Central. It'll incorporate the building's architecture to create an optical illusion, showing the ultra-club crumbling during an eight-minute film loop on December 7th, just as people are leaving Basel Castle.

Hang on folks -- Basel is almost here. There's a light at the end of the tunnel, and it looks like a bottle of Heineken.

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