Free Events This Week: Meditation, Carbon Nation and Summer Lovin'

It's mid-July, and summer is in full swing, as evidenced by the daily rainshowers and everyone's appallingly sweaty appearance.

But summer heat also means summer lovin', and who isn't into that? A screening of the ultimate summer romance (Grease, natch) is just one of the free shindigs happening over the next seven days. The lineup is almost better than summer camp ... almost.


  • Boot Camp at Bayfront Park: Let an instructor whip you into submission with squats, lunges and burpees galore. Ass kickings this intense usually come with a hefty fee.


  • Meditation and Yoga at West Dade Library: Couldn't we all use a little more zen in our lives? And what better place to practice than your local library? Books live a low-stress life, after all.


  • Carbon Nation screening at the Tropical Audubon Society: Spend some time cultivating your environmentally conscious qualities. Watch a doc that'll school you on all things climate change, so you can finally reduce that carbon footprint of yours.


  • Grease screening on Brickell World Plaza: Summer lovin', had me a blast ... remember when John Travolta was the hotness? Sing along to all your old-school Sandy & Danny songs while sipping vino and, well, sweating. There's nothing more summery than that.
  • Big Night in Little Haiti: Get your "Fete de la Musique" on at this summer installment of Little Haiti's Friday shindig. Art, music, grub and plenty of stuff to keep kiddos busy. Lord knows you could use some help distracting them after three weeks of summer vacation.

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