Lip Service Accepting Culture Clash Stories for January Reading Event

Whether you make people roll on the floor at every cocktail party, or have a trove of untold tales bubbling up inside your shy little throat, now's your chance to make your best story heard in a very public forum.

Lip Service: True Stories Out Loud is a quarterly reading founded by Esther Martinez and Andrea Askowitz, which proves that our party city has a literary soul. Read our review of the last one here. Basically, selected storytellers stand in front of a typically sold-out audience at Miracle Theater to share their tales of wit, woe, wonder, and even things that don't start with the letter "w."

Now gearing up for its 22nd run, Lip Service is accepting submissions for their next reading event. Read on for details.

The theme for this installment, which will be held January 28, is "Culture Clash" -- true stores about interfaith and intermarriage from the inner city to the intracoastal. Type out that time your Jewish mother-in-law convinced you why your son's circumcision required a caterer or about the first time you took your vegetarian gringa girlfriend to your family's raucous Nochebuena feast.

If you've got a personal story (not your mom's

story or your buddy's story, but your story) that involves cultural collisions of any kind, write it down in 1,200 words or less and send it to [email protected] before the January 9 deadline. 

Need some inspiration? Go here to check out past winners and get a feel for what good Lip Service sounds like.