Street Artist SK545 Tackles Infidelity, Abortion, and Distrust in Betrayal Series

Something's wrong. There's obvious tension, warning signs of infidelity linger, eating away at the very foundation your marriage is built on, trust.

But what if she's not fucking someone else? What if it's your own twisted mind planting dangerously subconscious seeds of betrayal in your head?

Three years ago, graffiti artist SK545 was asking himself these very questions. "Am I going crazy? It was just so real--the feeling--so I approached her."

In January 2009, SK545's nightmare became a reality; his then wife was having an affair. While it emotionally crushed him, his ex wife's infidelity also inspired the artist's fist gallery instillation, Betrayal Series, which opens later this month at the Kohn Compound in Wynwood.

Betrayal Series is part of the Co11ective, an 11-artist collective showcasing work during Basel week in an effort to draw attention to local art. About 20 pieces belong to SK545, black and white, textual representations of frustration, loss, humiliation, and naturally, betrayal.

"I had a dream, a premonition really--woke up one night, didn't actually see anything but had a feeling that something wasn't right," SK says. "I confronted her about [the affair] and she came right out and told me." 

For about a month, SK545 says he tried working things out with his wife, but "the lies just continued to pour out." He admits, "I ended up confronting [the man who was sleeping with my wife], ended up confronting his wife and actually started getting more information from both sides. I found out that my ex wife was pregnant, we ended up having an abortion. To this day, I don't know who's baby it was--mine or his."

For over 20 years, illegal street art has been SK545's preferred outlet. He's illustrated everything from his name to his political opinion on walls across Miami-Dade. However, demise of his marriage called for another medium, a canvas.

""I do mostly illegal street art, so crossing over into this world of canvases and art galleries is a first for me."

Admittedly, SK45 says he's always wanted to an art show and felt that his story was something everyone could relate with. "I've been to a lot of shows that move you visually, but I haven't seen too many that move you emotionally."

The Co11ective's Betrayal Series runs Wednesday, November 30 through Sunday, December 4 at the Khon Compound (215 NW 24 St, Wynwood). Visit

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