Miami Spice Beats Illinois Heart in First-Ever Bikini Basketball Game

While you spent the weekend celebrating the Miami Heat's championship win by boozing and banging your pots and pans, the ladies of the Miami Spice bikini basketball team were continuing the 305's proud b-ball tradition by beating the Illinois Heart in an away game -- the first of bikini basketball's inaugural season.

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The final score: 64-57, with an exciting, score-heavy finish. At the end of the third quarter, the Spice had earned just 39 points to the Heart's 32.

From the looks of the stands in the video above, turnout could've been better in Illinois. On the other hand, maybe the rest of the country is just tired of watching Miami basketball teams dominate. It's become something of a trend lately, no?

The fans who did show up were pretty vocal, though -- listen to them booing our girls. Stay classy, Chicago.

Happily, Miami's bikini basketball ladies -- who, for the record, play in sports bras and short-shorts -- stayed focused and won the day. Illinois has already started trash talking in advance of the teams' next meetup on July 27.

But the Spice has Houston in its sights next, with a game here at home on July 6. It's the first in a four-game home stint that will also have the girls host the Philadelphia Diamonds, Las Vegas Fantasy, and yes, the Illinois Heart again.

The Spice's July 6 home game versus the Houston Inferno takes place at 4 p.m. at Coral Springs Gymnasium, 2501 Coral Springs Dr., Coral Springs. Tickets cost $15 for general admission, or $30 for VIP, which includes lower-level seating and a meet and greet with the players. Visit

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