Three Yumas Hitchhike 55 Miles Across Cuba for Under $5 (Video)

As a follow-up to the post about hitchhiking around Cuba, Fulano and two associates see if they can hitchhike from Remedios to Cienfuegos City -- a 55 mile journey -- armed only with a camera and a

rudimentary understanding of the Spanish language.

Fulano has asked us to express, on his

behalf, that he understands that hitchhiking in a foreign land is not

the safest way to travel. And so for those of you who might have

cold feet, but would none-the-less like to see how local travel has

developed on the island, the above video reveal what it's like for three

yumas (AKA gringos) to hitchhike across Cuba for under 100 pesos.

Here's a geography lesson: Cuba is divided into 13 provinces with Villa Clara and Cienfuegos roughly in the center. Seeing that personal resources are, generally speaking, scarce on the island, hitchhiking has become not only a very common practice for Cubans traversing longer distances, but is actually organized and controlled by government officials along many routes.

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