Wynwood Art Walk: Out of Control or Just a Damn Good Time?

Tensions are rising in Wynwood regarding the future development of the neighborhood. Leaders in the area have been wringing their hands over it for years, and last week, a public forum on Wynwood's future devolved into a big kerfuffle. Business owners, a large majority of whom operate art galleries, think property owners aren't doing enough regarding vandalism, security, rent increases, and the party atmosphere in the street. Property owners, from the gist of last week's meeting, feel they've created a one-of-a-kind public art space that is absolutely teeming with energy -- and think some of the gallerists are ungrateful art snobs.

Much of the debate has centered on Wynwood's Second Saturday Art Walks, which draw thousands to the neighborhood each month. Besides selling art, one of the major purposes of Second Saturday has always been to get people out, so they can come back again. However, in the last few years, Second Saturdays have morphed into a wild block party more about entertainment and less about art.

But is that necessarily a bad thing? We went to last weekend's Art Walk to see for ourselves.

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