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Bad Girls Club Miami, Episode 10: Comebacks and Breakdowns

We've never had an STD, but seeing Natalie from season four on last night's Bad Girls Club episode is what we imagine it feels like when herpes comes back. She was annoying the first time she was on the show, and she is annoying the second time around too.  But we did miss looking at that ridiculous Jay Leno chin.

Christina might be new, but she isn't doing anything we ain't seen

before. She was wasted her first episode and she blacked out in the

second, which makes us think: Did we judge too fast? Is she our

new favorite?


might be nuts with her reaction to the alarm clock, but honestly, for

anyone that has ever lived in a dorm and had a roommate that loved the

snooze button, didn't you feel her (probably hungover) pain? We can't

even begin to start on how many times we wish we could have gone over to

our crazy roomie's alarm clock freshman year and beat that bitch with

it. Lea, thanks for doing what we never could.

OK, first thoughts right off the bat about Christina's girlfriend: She kinda looks like the mom from Growing Pains (in her lesbian years, of course.) We also love that she showed up in day light drunk ass fuck. She might not be a Bad Girl, but she sure acts like one. And what NFL mansion party were they at? When they said "party," what they meant was one member of the NFL and about 15 other girls with daddy issues. We wonder how excited he was that Christina and girlfriend showed up... unpaid.  And a name tattoo and a ring after six months? This lesbian duo is going to end up in flames.
In a way, we kinda like Lea, Kristen, and Christina getting along. The baddest bitches in the house have to be friends... because we say so! What we hope they realize that is if they would get together, not only could they run the house, in the words of Natalie, they could run Miami (the clubs that would let them in, at least.)

Have you ever gotten drunk at a club, had a good, wasted cry with a friend and thought to yourself, do I look dumb? Ever gotten home and had an angry, blackout freak-out ? If Brandi has taught us anything (including how to break shit and and how to do stripper moves), it's that you do in fact look REAL dumb. Alcoholic anonymous anyone?

And from the preview of Brandi next week (i.e. getting carried out by bodyguards), we think people by the name of Betty or Ford should be expecting a call soon. To tie you over until next episode, hear the Bad Girls background drama and in-fighting in our interviews with Lea Beaulieu and Kristen Guinane