Child of God: Scott Haze Coming To Miami To Discuss His Intense Film Role

Let's face it, James Franco's Child of God, a movie about a lonely man living in the Tennessee wilderness who takes up necrophilia and murder, is a difficult movie to enjoy. However, that does not make it a film to be reviled. The film, based on an early Cormac McCarthy novel, has had a difficult time finding appreciation from most critics (including one of our own). At best, it has divided critics, but some of the best films often do that.

Cultist called up the film's star, Scott Haze, to explore why the film has not received a fair shake from critics and his method to prepare for the role, which included making his own version of the film while living in caves in Tennessee. Speaking from Hollywood, just a few days before he visits Miami Beach to present the film and talk about it on a panel with two other film critics, he shared his gratitude about the interest in the film by some critics while trying to come to terms with other critics' disdain for the work.

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