Florida Supercon 2013: Horny Robots, Tramp Stamps, and Slow-Dancing With George Takei (VIDEO)

At Florida Supercon, anything goes. Well, almost anything. According to the official rules, here's what was off-limits: leashes extended between two or more people; public exposure, flashing, or other exposed genitals, buttocks, or breasts; weapons "brandished, swung around, or used in a threatening manner"; and solicitation.

On paper, those were the guidelines for South Florida's biggest comics, sci-fi, wrestling, and anime convention. But it's important to take rules with a grain of salt. For the record, we saw lots of buttocks. Vast expanses of blue, green, and yellow buttocks, rising and falling together in interspecies harmony. It was beautiful.

We also slow-danced with George Takei, spotted lots of trolls, learned that the Blue Power Ranger is kind of a dick, caught some robots making out, and met a bail bondsman who threatened to throw people into a garbage can if they mocked his action figure collection. Here is our video diary from Florida Supercon 2013.

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Although our own interaction with the Blue Power Ranger happened off camera and off the record, per his request, we have to agree with our Mohawked pal Jingles that the Blue Power Ranger is kind of a dick.

But otherwise, we were blown away by how friendly, kind, and fun everyone was at Florida Supercon 2013. It's not often you get to be around so many people freely indulging their passions and coexisting without judgment. And even if you're just an overgrown high school bully, it's probably a great place to shake down some of your former classmates and pay off your mortgage with just four days' work. So there's something for everyone at Florida Supercon.

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