The Bay Is Looking A Little Cleaner

Click here to see what the volunteers dragged from the waters.

Under a bright blue sky Saturday morning, hundreds of volunteers cleaned up Biscayne Bay at 27 different sites around the county. Riptide stopped by the Morningside Park cleanup, where folks fished plastic water bottles, grimy styrofoam and even lawn chairs out of the water.

Among the more disgusting finds: tampons, condoms and, whispered one volunteer, "a lot of crack cocaine baggies."

The best treasure was discovered by Vanessa Gonzalez of Hialeah. She was there with Girl Scout Troop 2338 when she pulled a little bottle out of the water. Inside was a carefully rolled up message that said it was written in Surfside. It was dated 4/2/707 and included a tiny photo of three little kids. "I can't wait to get home so we can write to them," said Gonzalez. --Tamara Lush