Guess That Beard (or Mustache)

Choo! Choo!

That's the sound of the No Shave November train, and we're riding it all month long. Last week, we met a dude who'll outfit your cerveza bottle with a mini mustache, and today we're testing your beard and/or mustache knowledge.

The above four are no brainers, right? There's a legendary FSU halfback, Key West's favorite resident, a film legend, and a creepy old dude with freakishly large biceps. But that's just a warm-up. We've got six more chins for you to identify, which will likely leave you scratching your beard. Cue the game show music; it's time to play, Guess! That! Beard (or Mustache)!

Here's Part II: The Championship Round

We know these are much tougher, so here are some hints:

1. In addition to having a badass beard, he had a sweet fro and taught us how paint "happy trees."

2. It's not Jesus. Chapter 34, paragraph 6b in the Guess That Beard (or Mustache) Rulebook clearly says we must use a real person. This guy definitely has a passion for Christ, though.

3. Jedi Master and Commander

4. He was in Ms. Doubtfire, and besides this picture, we've never seen him with facial hair. Good luck.

5. From PBS to feature-length films and 3-D theme park attractions, this man raked in a lot of green in his lifetime.

6. Contestants, ready? Gladiators, ready? That's a perfect clue.

Here's the deal, be the first to leave a comment correctly identifying all six beards from the Championship Round and you'll win a package of bottle staches from Pop's 'Stache. Don't forget to use your email address when leaving a comment so we can tell you how to pick up your prize. You have until Wednesday, November 17. Good luck, y'all.