Florida Highway Patrol Voted Fourth Most Stylish in the Country

Forget Miami Swim Week. To find stylin' men and women the Sunshine State, all you have to do is take a high-speed joyride on the Florida Turnpike.

That, at least, is according to a recent poll that has named Florida's Highway Patrol among the most stylish highway patrolmen in the country.

Yes, someone actually conducted a poll to rate the sexiest uniforms of state troopers. And yes, Florida somehow came out on top.

So beware, South Florida. The next time you get pulled over for speeding, try hard not to be dazzled by the clean lines of your officer's uniform, or the way that khaki color really complements his skin tone. That cop's more than just a piece of eye candy, okay?

Who conducts polls judging the sexiness of highway cops' uniforms, anyway?, of course. It's a dating site "for singles in uniform and those who like them." So yes, an Internet portal for uniform fetishists. And apparently, a good chunk of them are jonesing for some Florida Highway Cop lovin'.

Florida's highway patrol came in fourth place, behind California, Texas, and New York, respectively. Massachusetts came in at number five, rounding out the list.

Frankly, we're just surprised Nevada didn't rate.

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