"Heidi Yourself" Creator Dr. Michael Salzhauer Explains WTF Montag Was Thinking

It's nothing new to see celebrities make bad decisions. Some times, the decision-making is so poor that it becomes etched on the tablets of pop culture: Britney shaving her head and showing her Britney bits, Lindsay failing her drug test yet again, Paris going to jail, and Kanye dissing Taylor on the VMAs. Many of us can remember exactly where we were when these joyous occasions went down. Now think back to when you first saw a US Weekly cover depicting a blond mannequin with huge jugs and fake lips that turned out to be a post-surgery Heidi Montag. Ten surgeries? Jesus. 

Still, Montag's Wacko Jacko move is old news. The stranger, more recent news is that there's a web app called  "Heidi Yourself" where gals can upload pics and turn themselves in Montag-esque mannequins. And shocker, the app was created in Miami. We spoke with local Bal Harbour plastic surgeon and "Heidi Yourself" creator Dr. Michael Salzhauer about WTF Montag was thinking when she did that to her sweet face.

Here's what Dr. Salzhauer had to say about Montag's surgical makeover:

The Hollywood Pressure Got to Her
"She definitely transformed from being a plain pretty girl to a Marilyn Monroe type.  If her professional aspirations are to fulfill that look, then I guess it was worth it. It definitely gave her a lot of notoriety. From a plastic surgeons stand point, the work was well done. As for as the work, would I want that for my daughter? Not necessarily."

Ten Is a Lot But Not Uncommon
"I have never done ten procedures. Ten is a little much. Maybe seven or eight all at once. Three or four real procedures and then maybe three little things. Saying ten procedures makes it sounds like a lot - you can't do ten major procedures on a person, there aren't enough major parts of the body to change in major ways. The mommy makeover is very common: a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation all in the same day. I do that all the time."

Twenty-four Isn't That Young For Plastic Surgery
"There is no such thing as 'too young' for plastic surgery.  Some seven-year-olds come in here with ears that stick out too much. I mean, is it different then kids getting braces because of bad teeth? Plastic surgery shouldn't be taken lightly. It is surgery and there are risks involved. It does require planning and forethought."

Even If She Is Just 24, It Made Her Feel Good:
"There are things like rhinoplasty or breast augmentations where you get the most benefit from the earlier you do it. You have less effect on you mentally as you go through adolescence. You don't feel so self-conscious. It can actually help people blossom. I have patients who are teenagers and after their surgeries. I can see their transformation in their personalities. Their self image improves with just one little change."

And It Gave Her The Attention She Wanted:
"I thinks she was doing it for attention. Ninety percent of her motivation was professional or just to be notorious. I can imagine her and her surgeon had a frank discussion of the surgery and they probably agreed that this is a great way to get press and step into that Marilyn Monroe persona. Hey, I guess it worked."