Bollywood Comes To Miami

Surely you remember the classic film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and what about the screen gem Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham? Well the producers of those two blockbusters bring us their latest film, Dostana. It's the first ever Bollywood movie to be filmed completely in Miami, and it hits Indian screens this Friday. The trailer is above.

The premise is basically like Bosom Buddies or I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry or something. Two dudes want to rent an apartment -on South beach, but ruh roh, they have to share it with the owner's full grown niece - who lives on South Beach, and he doesn't want any premarital sex or what not going on - in totally orthodox South Beach, where as the ladies know unless a guy is your roommate, men will not try to have sex with you. So the guys do the rational thing and pretend they're gay, but surprise, surprise they both end up falling in love with the Niece and stuff happens and there is no singing and dancing, and it is racist to assume that all Indian movies involve singing and dancing.

Anyway, there are some pretty shots of Miami, so enjoy.

--Kyle Munzenrieder