Free Events This Week: Rich People's Art, Free Drinks, Obama-rama

If you're reading this you're either A) forced to work the holiday and are aimlessly browsing the internet in protest. B) Off today, yet still glued to your computer because you experience withdrawals when away from the internet. Or C) such huge fans of Cultist that you couldn't stay away.

Either way, thanks for the holiday page view.

So whether you do or don't have the luxury of an extra day off this week, you can still plan the next five days around spending as little money as possible.



  • Check Out the De La Cruz Collection: Seriously, what good is money if you can't show off your high priced acquisitions to those who can't afford 'em? Thanks to Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz, you can see lots of sweet art, on them.



  • Camping Under the Stars in Doral: Just because we're urbanites doesn't mean we can't appreciate the great outdoors. Families can stake tents for face painting, movies, a petting zoo and breakfast in the AM.

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