Art Basel Miami Beach

Design a Dumpster for Art Basel and Win Cash

Flickr CC Swanksalot
Not a Miami dumpster, hence the snow.
Are you a broke, hungry, starving, artist? Then get money, fool. The 6th Street Container Project, in association with the Bakehouse Art Complex and General Hauling Service, are having a dumpster art contest. Submit any 2-D piece that you'd like to do on a dumpster, because these suckers

are going to be put to use during Art Basel around the Miami Beach Convention Center and in

Wynwood. After that, they'll be on display at the Bakehouse and in the

courtyard of the 6th Street Container Project. We spoke to Judge Adal Delgado about the project and got some pics

of the dumpsters that are up for re-design. The winning design gets $500 prize and second and third get $75 and $50. Keep reading to find out how to enter.

New Times: What's the idea behind the contest?

Adal Delgado: The reason we wanna do this is to give artists an opportunity to express their creativity on an everyday item like a container and then to have the container exposed during Basel giving the artist a broader recognition not only from the art elite but from everybody.

What do you do?

I'm an artist curator and a judge in the contest. We have an alternative art space that is called 6th Street container.

Can anybody enter or is it just some art-world thing that only wants to deal with people in the system?

It could be anybody. I'm gonna be one of the judges, the co-director of 6th Street space, Chris Miro from Christopher Miro Gallery is gonna be a judge, and the director from the Bakehouse, Arlys Raymond, is gonna be a judge.

Does the proposal have to be only for painting?

It doesn't have to be painted, the only thing is it cannot be three dimensional because they're gonna be actually using them, picking them up, moving them, they need to stay functional as containers, dumpsters.

What is 6th Street Containers?

We're an alternative art space in Little Havana, we call it LiHa, like SoHo. We're having a show Friday night, it's a juried

exhibition of 16 artists, check our Facebook for the info. Megaplex is the actual site

for the show it's from 7 - 10 p.m. and there's gonna be a band playing and different spaces used for all the art. You should come check it out.

You have until October 28 to email your proposal to [email protected]. Good Luck.