Five Portraits Made of Porn, In Honor of Rick Santorum

Good news, perverts: Rule 34 -- "If it exists, there is porn of it" -- is still in full effect.

Two readers of the blog Unicorn Booty were apparently inspired by Rick Santorum's increasingly anti-sex and anti-gay statements on the campaign trail to compose his portrait. The catch? It's made entirely out of images from gay porn.

We applaud the artists, and not just because we support gays gettin' it on. We also support all portraits made out of porn, just as a matter of principle. Are there many portraits made of porn, you ask? Why yes. Yes there are.

Check out Santorum's "porn-trait" and other porntasticness after the jump.

​Is it just us, or does Porn Santorum have a kinder, gentler look about him than Real Santorum? Either way, we're hoping this is a digital collage. We don't want to imagine what might be holding all those paper clippings together. (That's a santorum joke, see.)

True story: Jonathan Yeo, the artist behind this porn collage of Paris Hilton, offered the heiress a portion of the proceeds from its sale, inspired by Hilton's complaints that she didn't receive any financial benefit from One Night in Paris. Priceless.

​Looks like Santorum's not the first Republican to be paid homage in, um, the flesh. Props to Jonathan Yeo, once again, for remembering the cleft in Dubya's chin.

​And oh look, here's feminist civil liberties advocate former Attorney General John Ashcroft. More like "Let the Eagle Porn," are we right?

​Thanks to this image we found on Tumblr, the whole Internet is certainly going to hell.

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