Front Yard Theatre Collective's Tricks and Treats: Booze, Improv, and a Costume Contest

Horror is best dispensed with a side of hilarity -- Evil Dead, anyone? And just in time for Halloween, Miami's Front Yard Theatre Collective is hosting a creepy comedy night at vino and tapas joint Time for Wine.

In addition to Halloween improv, lots of grown up grape juice and tons of laughs, there'll be a contest to award the person sporting the best costume with a free bottle of wine. An evening of booze, bites and bloodcurdling screams ought to beat a cheesy haunted house any day.

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The FYTC are also the folks behind Front Yard Follies, a recently launched vaudeville and burlesque revue, and April's Alice in Wynwoodland themed theatre and bike tour.

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"We do comedy, but the show is Halloween themed, so expect maybe a scare or two ... and since we also do lots of improv, it all depends on the audience suggestions. Alive and dead alike ... MUAHAHAHA!!!" says Gabriela Fernandez of FYTC. "We also have live music by our house band, Somewhat Hungover, and some very fine tapas and wine."

This isn't the FYTC's first Halloween rodeo. Previously, they've done skits like 'The Situation' Warewolf; a Baracula and Mitt Zombie debate; and Beetlejuice with Honey Boo Boo. With the ridiculous pop culture antics we've seen since last year, the FYTC comedy gurus will undoubtedly come up with some gut-busting stuff.

And remember, audience suggestions are part of the fun, so get those creative juices flowing. Wine will help.

As far as dressing up, the crowd is encouraged to stick with the theme, Fernandez says.

"When we do costume contests at the FYTC, it's the audience that picks who wins. But, sometimes our MC feels a little playful ... but, the major tip would be creativity meets originality. And we'll probably make the contestants get up on stage and dance a little. Just a little. And then, by show of applause, we choose the winner."

It's improv, folks, so this is no time to be shy.

Tricks and Treats is kicking off at Time for Wine, 2200 NE 2nd Ave. in Miami, at 9 p.m. on Saturday, October 26. The admission fee is $2.

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