III Points 2014: Inside Veronica Gessa's TV Mind Meld (Video)

We know you were a little high distracted at III Points, but do you remember that crazy television installation in the roller skate room? That ish was dope, right? But what the heck was it?

We sat down with creator Veronica Gessa, who regularly puts together super-amazing parties in the Miami social scene, to get a little insight into just what was flashing on those stacked screens. It's actually this crazy trip inside the mind of a Miami madwoman, which, let's face it, can get a little hectic.

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The TVs were all running revolving scenes from various VHS tapes Gessa either kept since childhood or procured somewhere along the way. The installation was broken into different sections, each representing something that may cause one to lose their mind. You totally got that when you were stuck staring at it for 20 minutes, right? It all makes sense now.

It was a labor of love. She was sure to shout out the homies who helped put the thing together. Also, next time you see some installation art at a music festival, don't start touching it. Unless it says "please touch me," which would be rad, actually. There's always next year.

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