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Cameron Diaz Talks Bad Teacher, Justin Timberlake, and Kim Kardashian

Cameron Diaz got her start as a model, and shot to super stardom with movies like The Mask and My Best Friend's Wedding. Yes, she has

done blockbusters like Shrek and Vanilla Sky, but her funny girl

classics are the reason you're still willing to pay $12 at the theater

to go see her. And we promise you, her new movie Bad Teacher is

definitely worth your money.

Lucky for us, we got the chance to sit down with the blond beauty, who

we can say, has still go it. (Congrats, Alex Rodriguez.) So of course we

asked her about everything from her new really funny film to what it

was like to work with her ex, Justin Timberlake. We also talked how girls can get

famous in a non-Kim Kardashian way.

New Times: We just saw the movie Wednesday and loved it. But the trailer doesn't do it justice.

Cameron Diaz I know, right? Usually, it's the other way around. Usually you see the trailer and you're like, "I can't wait to see that movie!" then you go see it and you're like, "Where's the funny part?" And it's not just because I'm in the movie. It's just really funny. Forget me, I think everyone else in the film is just genius.

There are a lot of "F words" and use of the word "tits." How would you describe this movie?

It's a darker comedy. I hate the word "raunchy." It insinuates that you're trying to get a laugh or be shocking. We're just telling the story of these people that are ridiculous.

Did you ever have a bad teacher?

I didn't. But in grade school, I had great teachers, and they were great people. I actually had a teacher that spent most of the year with his feet on the desk telling us stories about his two-year-old son. These stories were so twisted and dark, and none of the kids got it, but I thought they were amazing. He was my favorite.

What was it like to work with your ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake?

We started casting for the film and we were reading for the part of Scott. And there were some really talented, funny guys, but there was just something missing. And we were looking over the guys and Jake Kasdan (the director) and I looked at each other and we said, "you know who would be really good for this part?" And we basically said his name at the same time. He's so brilliant on SNL and I know him so well and I knew his humor and I knew he would do something unique with this character. He's a total weirdo in this movie!

What about the dry humping scene?

I'm just glad I couldn't see what was going on behind me. It was the least sexiest sex scene ever put on in a movie.

With people like Chelsea Handler and the success of Bridesmaids, has there been a better time to be a woman in comedy?

Apparently, it's just the time. It's not like we all got together and said, "let's do it!" That's what happens with trends. You see what's being made and you say, "We have seen that for a long time" and people are kind of tired of it. So you look for something different and see how that catches on.

You just don't find a script like this. You don't find characters like mine that are horrible for the first half of the movie. They usually they have to apologize for the second half and try to redeem themselves. And there is no apology in this one and that's not something that happens.

So let's talk about your hot bod. Do you work out a lot?

For me, it's just consistency. I never let myself go to one end and try to get back to the next. It's all about consistency for me. I really didn't have time to work out for this film. I was working out like 10 minutes a day for this film in my trailer in what I call my "horizontal workouts." Not those kind of horizontal workouts. My trainer's gay!

But I was tired and were working night and day with this film because we had a small budget and limited funds. We really wanted to get it done before they realized they were letting us make an R-rated comedy. So  I would eat, do my 10-minute workout, and then I would go back to work.

We loved what Reese Witherspoon said at the MTV Movie Awards when she said it doesn't take a sex tape or a reality show to be famous. Can you relate to that?

It's really all about hard work. That is the thing that young girls don't understand: just because you're pretty, doesn't mean that you're going to be successful. People might be like oh, she's hot and hit that.

But you can't survive in Hollywood. I don't care how pretty you are, if you're not willing to do the work. This is a business and if any girl thinks just being pretty is going to solidify her position in this very competitive business, she's wrong. You might do one or two films, but it wont get you a career in film. It's the hardest business. I work my ass off and I take pride in it because it's important to me.

What about Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian doesn't act, but that girl works hard. You have to give her that. Whatever goods she's selling and people might not agree that selling your life is a great thing to do, but how hard she does it, you admire.

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