South Park's Kentucky Fried Scarface Spoof

Hot on the heels of that adorable/disturbing staged elementary school parody of Scarface, South Park last night decided to do an homage of its own to Miami's favorite movie. Though it was a bit more subtle. The show didn't even spoof the "Say hello to my little friend" line, which, honestly, is sort of refreshing considering that's one of the top ten most overly parodied movie lines of all time.

In a B plot to a story about medicinal marijuana and microwaved testicles (really), Cartman finds out Colorado has banned all fast-food restaurants from low-income areas. Because all KFCs were in low-income areas, it means they've been eliminated from the state. So he gets caught up in the seductive world of fried chicken smuggling and dealing, making his way up from underline to boss, but his ultimate destruction comes when he dips a little too much into his own supply.

You can watch the episode here, and check out some clips below.