Comedian Eddie Griffin Talks Dave Chappelle, Fatherhood, and Being Single

Oprah recently made a plea to Jay-Z to stop using the N-word. Jigga Man refused, and comedian Eddie Griffin has the rapper's back. When it comes to the comic's very R-rated comedy, you can't help but notice his love for the term. But when someone is making you laugh that hard, you might just overlook it.

He's a comedy staple known for his UPN show Malcolm & Eddie and has been in cinematic classics such as Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Scary Movie, and Norbit. And let's not forget his role on the Chappelle Show as Grits and Gravy. Talking as fast as a hyper child off Ritalin and with the potty mouth of drunken sailor, Griffin has likely offended you at least once. But surprisingly enough, we he talked with Cultist right before heading to Miami, we were shocked to find he is a man with very little to say. Well, until he started hitting on us.

New Times: Hello Mr. Griffin. Are you excited to come see us in Miami?
Eddie Griffin: I have been there quite a few times. Of course, I like Miami. What's not to like?

We can imagine you get into some trouble.
Me? Not at all. (ha ha ha)

We heard you have a pretty x-rated show.
Who told you that nonsense?

Everyone who has been to your show.
That's a damn lie.

So we shouldn't bring the kids?
Bring 'em. They probably curse more than me on the play ground.

What about you. How many kids do you have?
I have 9 children. 6 boys, 3 girls

Are you the good cop or bad cop?
I'm a single father, so I have to do both.

Are your kids in the industry?
My oldest is a computer genius, works as a music producer. I raise successful children.

We absolutely loved you on the Chappelle Show. Was it fun?
Most definitely.

Can you call Dave and tell him to come back, please?
(Ha Ha Ha) I don't think Dave will come back. He has kids. We all need to take time for the kids.

Who makes you laugh?
Bill Cosby, George Carlin. Classic comedians.

Your "Man Laws" for Miller beer were really funny. What laws do you believe in?
Biggest man law--be a man. Simple: be a man, definition of being a man is being a man. And don't let your woman turn you into a little boy.

What has been your favorite part of your career so far?
Waiting on it.

Favorite movie you have ever done?
Undercover Brother.

OK then, you worked with Dr Dre. Looking to get into more music?
I never left music--I have my own thing.

Are you single?
Of course.

Should we tell the woman of Miami you are single and ready to mingle?
You sure shouldn't. I'm busy. I'm ready to get busier.

Why are you single?
Why am I single? Why are you single?

Just haven't found the right man in Miami yet. Now you?
Well, a man is coming to town Thursday morning. So get ready. Maybe it's time to make L.A. your new home. There is a solution. (ha ha ha)

You're too busy for me! Do you like being on tour?
It never gets tiring. I'm about to tape my new Comedy Central special October 9th up at Berkley University.

Why Berkley?
They got brains!

Did you always want to be a comedian?
I didn't want to be a comedian. I was just funny. I jumped on stage and found out I was good at it.

Tonight, see Griffin at the Miami Improv (3390 Mary St, #182

Coconut Grove) at 8:30 p.m., with performances through Saturday. Tickets cost $35. Call 305-441-8200 or visit