Simon Cowell's X-Factor Holds Miami Auditions

What exactly is an X-Factor? An unknown factor in our algebra II class that was only slightly less infuriating than y? The spot on a map where a pirate's booty is buried? An element a starlet has to take into consideration before dating John Mayer? Or is it something that singer Leona Lewis, or a man wearing a full body lobster suit, possesses?

Really, we're not sure. But if you've got an exceptional set of pipes (or a crustacean costume complete with a nasally, tone-death rendition of the B-52's "Rock Lobster") that you're just dying to show off (but you've also got a deep-rooted fear of peppy, closeted gay, pint size men), then we've got great news for you. Simon "Furry Chichis" Cowell's X-Factor, will be swinging into town for their Miami auditions on April 7th at the Bank United Center.

So, really, how does this internationally popular show -- which has

versions in Chile, India, and even Kazakhstan -- differ from the U.S.'s

favorite singing competition, American Idol?

Apparently the competition is open to both solo artists and groups, has

no age limit, and each judge is assigned a category (girls under 25,

boys under 25, individuals over 25, and groups) that they place the

finalists in after the audition (AKA the entertaining weeks) process.

During live shows that will air on FOX in September 2011, each judge

will act as mentors to the contestants aiding the budding pop stars in

song selection and styling, while judging contestants from other

categories. Plus, you get Simon back. And possibly Paula.


if you have a serious longing to hear the words "You're voice reminds

me of a really bad Vegas lounge singer doing karaoke while screeching

alley cats mate in their feet" in an English accent, we suggest putting a

big, red X on that date.

Interested solo artists and vocal groups can sign up for audition information at

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