Kayak for Free at Oleta State Park's Paddle Pickup Tomorrow

If you're anything like us, your never-done to-do list perpetually includes a) get more exercise and b) do more good deeds. It's so hard to find time for either, what with beach parties, Miami Spice, and spa month occupying our entire summers.

But tomorrow, you can kill both those birdies with one stone at Oleta River State Park's Blue Moon Outdoor Center. They're hosting a free Paddle Pickup party, which is, basically, a floating cleaning crew for Biscayne Bay. And let's face it -- trash pick up is so much more tolerable when sunshine, water, and new friends are involved.

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Blue Moon's Water Sports Director Stefanie Prstac started the paddle squads back in 2010. Back then they only did one or two a year, but now the volunteer events have increased to an almost monthly occurrence. There's plenty of garbage to grab, after all.

The group will meet up at Blue Moon, then paddle out to Sandspur Island. "All the locals call it beer can island because that's what it's known for," says Prstac says. The spot is a popular party destination on the weekends, she says, and even when people use the on-site trash cans, raccoons usually get into the garbage.

"Once we get to the island, we kind of divide and conquer. We'll send some people down south, some people up north -- back in the little trails there. We'll do as much as we can," she says.

The pickup should take about an hour.

"We've had anywhere between two and 20 people, so we're hoping to get more and more as we go along," Prstac says.

So do your good deed for the month, get some fresh air, and meet a few other environmentally-conscious Miamians. Beats happy hour any day.

Participation is free, but the park entrance fee is $4 per single occupant vehicle or $6 per vehicle with two to eight people. The pickup starts at 5 p.m. If you want to join, call Blue Moon at 305-957-3040 and let 'em know you're coming.

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