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Full Metal Jacket's Matthew Modine on Working With Kubrick and Movie Conspiracy Theories

O Cinema's mini-Kubrick Film Festival, "Stanley Kubrick: The Man & His Movies," has made a last-minute addition to its participants. Matthew Modine, the lead actor in the iconic director's 1987 Vietnam film Full Metal Jacket, and more recently seen in The Dark Knight Rises, will appear via Skype for a Q&A following the movie.

Though he is currently immersed in filming a movie at an undisclosed location, he had no problem putting aside some time to discuss one of the most important roles of his career after its rare theatrical revival tomorrow night at O Cinema's Wynwood location.

"Give, give, give. And when there is nothing left to give, give some more," the 54-year-old actor writes via email. "This was the advice of my acting teacher, Stella Adler. Her students learned about how life can beat you down and crush the soul. But art was the gift that reminds us that we have one."

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