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Basketball Wives Reunion, Part 2: Royce Reed vs. Evelyn Lozada

When part one of Basketball Wives reunion aired Sunday and was just OK, we were disappointed. But in last night's part two, the "wives" really stepped it up.

Anything that needed to be brought to the table was brought in a very

big way. Things we didn't even know about were talked about (i.e.,

Jennifer William's naked pictures) and everything we saw this season was

discussed in detail. We were going

to pick our five favorite moments of part two, but there were

way too many to choose from. So yep, we covered them all. Here are the highlights.

Ashley Walker, Who? You might know her like we do: Ashley "Craigslist" Walker. She was on about three episodes, so why is she there at all? At least she has Rafer Altson AKA someone who actually plays basketball. We really think she was brought back because her soiree was the one where Tami Roman got drunk and lost her mind. So we suppose she really did have a big part of this season.

Royce Reed Is Bougie: Yes, our new favorite word is bougie. But honestly, Royce is a sad little person. She is on stage talking about how she can put her legs behind her ears, showing off her "real" butt and boobs, and letting the world know she is dating someone who is an All-Star NBA-er. Boo boo, get your shit together because you look weak.

Everyone Hates Suzie Ketcham: In the words of the host John Salley, Suzie has diarrhea of the mouth. Which is why all the woman hate her and it couldn't be more obvious. We can assume this is probably why Shaunie O'Neal let us know she wont be returning for season three. And we don't really care.

Jennifer Williams Goes Nude: We knew that Evelyn had some naked

photos of her released, but we had no idea Jenn did. Oh, girl. We

really don't think she should be too upset about it. Her body looks

great and when you're on a reality show, anything XXX related to you is

always a career booster.

Hurricane Gloria Govan: This girl touches down on the stage like a category 5 hurricane and never turns back. First, was it us or did she look like Bam Bam with that necklace on? We don't know what it's, but the girl bothers us. Not enough for her to leave the show because her and Matt Barnes relationship is fantastic to watch. It's one hot ass mess and it brought a lot of fantastic drama to this season. A highlight for us is when she wanted the world to know that they both called off their wedding. Really, did you? You live together, you have kids, you moved across the country for him, but you're not ready for commitment? He just isn't ready to give up the groupies. 

We're Not Done With Gloria: The ladies make a very good point. Matt and Gloria talk nothing but shit about this show and the wives that are on it. But yet they continue to make appearances season after season. Obviously someone's Laker money isn't covering the rent.

Twitter = the Shit Starter: Most of these ladies don't have jobs, so they can't talk around the water cooler. So, there next best option is Twitter to air out all their dirty laundry and talk a lot of crap. Did we mention that these woman are grown? There is no way you forgot: they mention it every 15 seconds.

Follow their Twitter drama here.