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Basketball Wives Episode 12: Tasmanian Tami Roman Hits Tahiti

Last week we asked you, our dedicated Cultist readers, does Royce Reed has daddy issues? Well, after last night's episode, we think it is safe to say that yes, yes she does.

We ended Basketball Wives episode 11 with Miss RR having a severe panic when her father doesn't approve of her boyfriend. Episode 12 begins with the three of them having a friendly get-together. And by friendly, we of course mean awkward and uncomfortable.

You've heard the phrase "from bad to worse." For this meal, that's an understatement. It goes from horrific to flat-out indescribable. Before Royce's boyfriend Dezmon can even take his seat at the table, her father asks him, "So, Royce is pretty needy right?" That's a pretty spot-on characterization, but it's still pretty harsh coming from your own dad. And unfortunately for Royce, boyfriend couldn't agree more.

Fast-forward through another one of Miss Reed's ugly cry breakdowns -- they are to this show what road head is to Magic City -- and she and Dezmon are back on track. At least until we catch up to their huge cheating scandal, which hit the blogosphere a couple weeks ago. Didn't hear about that? Just wait until the reunion.

This is a safe space, right? Really, if any place should be a judgment-free zone, it's a Basketball Wives recap. So we're just going to say it: We think Chad & Evelyn are a really, really cute couple. Especially after their little scene while he was sick in bed. Yep, we're suckers for made-for-TV love.

Later, the ladies talked about their upcoming Tahiti vacation, and a part of our heart warmed as we thought of their last out-of-the-country trip. Oh, the days in the mean streets of Italy when Tami was hitting Meeka in the face for no reason. We want to go (back) to there.

As they get off the plane, Kesha has a slight cough. Nothing too bad, yet Tami believes she is spreading the Ebola virus and needs her to cover her goddamn mouth immediately. Mental note: Never, ever even think of sneezing in front of Tami is OK. She will straight cut your contagious ass.

The trip was pretty uneventful: dinners, drinks, lovely bungalows, etc. But then we realized that every scene came with a heaping side of hate for all 48 inches of Kesha's child-like body, courtesy of Tami. Immediately we knew that even if Jennifer and Kenya never did arrive in Tahiti, there would still be drama. And thank God for that.

And just as we realized that, shit hit the fan. Kesha decided to be a good lunch date and ask her castmates some questions about their lives. With some shots in her, Tami decided that this conversation needed to move on to to better things. Things like hating Kesha, duh. In a few words or less, Tami informs Kesha that she hates her and there is no going back. Yep, that is about it.

What we have to look forward to next week is this tropical fight possibly turning violent. Woo hoo!

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