Greenpeace to Hold Vigil for Japan, Nuclear Victims at Zen Village in Grove on Monday

The Miami chapter of Greenpeace is organizing a candlelight vigil to show support for Japan and victims of nuclear power across the world at 7 p.m. Monday at the Zen Village in Coconut Grove. The event takes place simultaneously with other Greenpeace events across the country as part of a national show of solidarity for victims and to push the environmentalist group's well known opposition to the use of nuclear power.

Erik Ofengand, the senior lead activist for Greenpeace in Miami, says the event gives an opportunity for Miamians to show solidarity with the people of Japan but also so locals keep in mind that we have our own nuclear reactors a mere 22 miles away at Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant. That's especially scary if former workers of the plant are to be believed.

Ofengand said that the vigil will start with some speakers, including

South Miami Mayor Phillip Stoddard who has been an opponent of expansion

plans at Turkey Point, though the city is most concerned with the fact

that power lines to the two additional reactors proposed would go

through South Miami. Barry White, from the Citizens Allied for Safe

Energy, Warren Hoskins of Miami Quaker Friends, and Zen Village Master

Chufei Tsai will also speak.

Additionally, Ofengand said those in

attendance will fold origami cranes with messages of support and

against nuclear power. He says Greenpeace plans to send the cranes to

President Barack Obama so that he won't approve $36 billion in subsidies

to nuclear power projects slated for approval in 2012.  The event will

end with the prayer from the Zen Village master and a moment of silence.

"Above all this is part of a nationwide day to stand in support of the

people of Japan and to look forward to a day when no one else has to

live through a nuclear disaster again," Ofengand says.


Greenpeace Vigil for the Japanese and against nuclear power is at 7 p.m.

on Monday at the Zen Village (3570 Main Hwy, Coconut Grove ). RSVP at

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