Five Celebrity Crushes Creepier Than Jim Carrey's Love of Emma Stone

By now most of you all have seen Jim Carrey's love letter to

Emma Stone. Creepy, right? At first we were hopeful that he was just introducing

a new character, the earnest old guy talking about a girl not quite half his

age. Perhaps everybody needs to lay off Jim. Awkward celebrity crushes are a

hallmark of the tabloids. Sometimes they serve to endear the celebrity

crush-haver to a public who can sympathize with the pains of unrequited love.


that Moammar Gadhafi has the hots for Condoleezza Rice makes him a little more

human. More often than not though, they just perplex and disgust

everyone. We have gone through our love files to bring you the celebrity

crushes that make Jim Carrey look smooth in comparison.