Yellowman Plays Respectables Saturday, June 27

Sexist lyrics and heavy beats go together like pork and beans when it comes to dancehall. There is something so good about it though. If you can cast aside the bigotry, the misogyny, the rampant and sometimes violent homophobia, and the bizarre posturing, the beats are savage, the delivery is on point, and sometimes the content is just hilarious. King Yellowman is an old school toaster who has survived and thrived for the past 30 years, producing track after track of beautiful and ridiculous and great numbers.  He was one of the first in line to take reggae in a direction away from Marley's pan-humanistic love message, for better or for worse spearheading the direction that dancehall has taken. Personally I like 'Them a Mad Over Me" and its great appreciation of a hot dog with ketchup on it. 

Yellowman plays with Spread the Dub on Saturday, June 27th at Respectable Street Cafe (518 Clematis Street; West Palm Beach, FL) more information and tix are available at