Vice Magazine Unleashes Full Bleed Skate Book With Lil Daggers and Feathers This Saturday

Spilling blood in the streets is a common theme of both skating hard and rocking the fuck out. And often, these two extreme activities get tangled up and mashed together, breeding dangerous fun. Example: This Saturday's Vice Magazine book launch bash at Bar for Full Bleed: New York City Skate Photography.

On one side, you've got 30 years of NYC skate history splayed across 304 pages worth of photos by master documentarians such as Spike Jonze, Larry Clark, and Ed Templeton. On the other, you've got a party at Miami's raddest bar with two of the city's skuzziest rock crews -- Lil Daggers and Feathers -- plus an allegedly awesome mystery headliner.

In order to even be considered for admission to this night of mayhem, you gotta head to Vice's RSVP page right now, provide some personal information, and begin immediately begging the skate gods for mercy. One way to appease these maniacs (both the Vice people and the entire pantheon of half-pipe divinities) would be to slip on some cutoffs, toss away that shirt, grab your axe, hop on a board, and get extremely fucking bloody, pronto.

Vice Magazine book launch for Full Bleed: New York City Skateboard Photography with sets by Lil Daggers and Feathers. Saturday, October 2. Bar, 28 NE 14th St., Miami. The show starts at 10 p.m. RSVP at