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People From Venus Land Tonight at Sweat Records

The alarm bells have sounded. The sirens have been set off. And those flashing strobe lights you see are meant to be a warning. Tonight People From Venus will land at Sweat Records, and no soul is safe until the alien boys depart back into the nether regions from whence they came.

They'll come wielding a curious weapon called a Toot Toot Yeah! It's a device so diabolical that folks have been rendered delirious from a single encounter. Repeated encounters have been known to cause mass tremors and violent bouts of abandon.

This will be but the latest of many recent sightings the intergalactic lads have made in their quest for world domination. This time however the new-fangled glam band has vowed to unplug anything standard-issue and reconfigure the very way we humans hear things.

If you think our fair city is immune to the plague of sensation; think again. Because an invasion is underway that is designed to do just that. Your only hope is to get on the bandwagon before it runs you over.

Check out show details, and Cosmo's Deeper Remix of the band's song "Kite."

People From Venus In-Store. 8 p.m. Thursday March 18. Sweat Records, 5505 NE 2nd Ave., Miami. Admission is free. 305-342-0953; sweatrecordsmiami.com