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Justin Bieber Takes Selena Gomez to the Hospital: Pregnancy? STDs? Sore Throat?

In sickness and in health, count on Justin Bieber to stand by his allegedly on-and-off-again lady tiger, Selena Gomez.

Biebz spent part of his Monday outside of a Reseda, California hospital waiting for Gomez to undergo a 20-minute medical examination, according to Extra. Naturally, the hospital visit has triggered a number of rumors as to what's really going on with "Jelena."

Are they expecting a child together? Did Bieber catch an STD from a groupie and pass it along to Gomez? Or is she suffering from a sore throat because of too much, um, singing?

Find out after the cut.

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According to X17, Bieber and Gomez have spent the past three nights together. And unless they're really into watching reruns of The Daily Show, horny 18-year-old boys and 20-year-old girls don't spend three nights alone. And not have sex. Nevertheless, we're taking TMZ's word and chalking up pregnancy under the rumor column.


Listen, a lot of crazy shit can happen backstage at a show. Last year, gold digger superfan Mariah Yater accused the Biebz of fathering her child. And this past weekend, Jenny McCarthy was all over little homie at the American Music Awards. Now, we're not suggesting that either woman may have given Gomez an STD by proxy. But of course, Bieber needs to remember to wrap it up and get tested on the regular. And y'all should too. Even so, we don't think Gomez has an STD. Just a rumor.

Strep Throat?

Gomez had to cancel a recording session Monday morning because of a lingering sore throat, according to TMZ. A source said that Selena's stepfather has been battling bronchitis and Gomez thought she might have caught something contagious, like strep. That kinda test is typically under 20 minutes. So given the duration of her hospital visit, it's very likely that Gomez was simply trying to score some antibiotics.

If it's true, Justin Bieber's the sweetest dude ever by escorting his love to her doctor's appointment.

What do you think, y'all?

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