ArtOfficial's The Payback

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The Payback


Ahhh, the cover song.

Sure, bands can master one or two tracks by a legendary counterpart. But putting together an entire album seems like it might be a bit too daunting for most, even local hip-hop greats ArtOfficial.

Skeptical to say the least, we drank in each track slowly, absorbed each piano key, smooth saxophone toot, and each heavy-spittin' rhyme wanting more.

From instrumental recreations of classic cuts by Led Zeppelin ("The Ocean" and "Black Dog") and Jimi Hendrix ("Voodoo Child,") to the Beatles ("Happiness is a Warm Gun"), the ArtOfficial crew leaves pretty much no musical stone unturned and no foot untapped.

The result? A killer covers album that turns even Radiohead's "Talk Show Host" into a funky, jazz-driven hip-hop and R&B anthem.

Download: ArtOfficial's The Payback

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