Questlove and Giant Step's WMC Party at the Florida Room, March 12

A packed club on Miami Beach is nothing new. That's actually why many residents of the 305 avoid la playa like the plague. But if you are an inhabitant of SoBe, you know there are places that you can avoid all the nonsense and have a good time.

The Florida at the Delano is one of those places. The Lenny Kravitz-designed atmosphere is great. The crowd, the music and everything in between makes their $15 cocktails all worth it. Well, that was until Questlove of The Roots showed up last night.

To say it was filled to the brim is an understatement. The only reason we got in was due to the fact we know the doorman. Shoutout to Granville Adams. You're a saint.

The line was backed up all the way to the pool and promoters were running around like it was the apocalypse trying to get their friends in. No amount of money or even a hotel reservation at the Delano itself was getting you past the ropes. If you were one of the lucky few to get into the 300 person maximum lounge, you were either there at 10:30 p.m. or you knew the right man like us.

And once you got through the door, there was quite the motley crew partying as one. From typical Miami Beach mamas to Rastafarians, everyone was jamming to Questlove's beats.

Speaking of Questlove's beats: They were random, but in the best way possible. At one point, we were jamming to the best of the '80s. Next, a little hip-hop and rap. Next thing you knew, you were shaking your hips to what sounded like your grandmother's get-down jazz. Did we love all the beats? No. But would we like a copy of his mixtape for the drive to work? Yes.

For anyone who didn't make it inside, we have bad news: You missed a good time. Drinks were pouring, dances were getting thrown down, and great music was being played. And as an avid fan of the Florida Room, never in our lives have we seen such a wildly mixed crowd partying as one. And honestly, we loved it. So note to anyone and everyone that handles their booking: Bring Questlove back!

-- Stacey Russell

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