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Local MC Dynas Releases Sentimental New Music Video for "The Apartment"

Local MC and heavy-hitter Dynas has been doing his hip-hop thing for years. And when we mean "years," we're talking well over 14, grinding both in his birthplace of New York City and his current place of residence, Miami.

With over 50 releases under his belt as well as a sleuth of guest appearances, dropping verses like he was brushing his teeth, Dynas is still one of the hardest (and longest) working men in the local hip-hop business.

Well respected by his peers and fans and often feared by newbie MCs stupid enough to battle him, Dynas is a beast on the mic -- both lyrically and in delivery.

His latest full-length album entitled The Apartment was released last year on the revered independent hip-hop label BBE Records, and has garnered much critical praise across the board. The album boasts some top contenders, too, with productions and appearances by DJ Jazzy Jeff, Slick Rick, Rich Medina and the late, great J. Dilla.

The newest Dynas video to hit the online circuit is the track titled "The Apartment," produced by J. Dilla. It's a brutally honest hip-hop anthem with a sentimental hook like "Every time she walks away/ I get nervous, my stomach's turning," we're pretty sure it'll stay stuck in our heads for weeks on out.

Check out the video (and song) for yourself and don't say we didn't warn you.

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