Five Questions with Natalie Arroyave of Miami Music Television

We don't have to tell you that Miami's got a fantastic, flourishing music scene. And if you're wise enough to be reading Crossfade regularly, we're sure you already know it.

Now there's a new television show that you are most definitely going to want to check out. Miami Music Television is brand-new and airing on ABC. It's the first of its kind, a music show dedicated to the music you, the savvy Crossfade reader, are already enjoying when you go out at night.

We recently got a chance to catch up with one of the show's hosts, Natalie Arroyave, a sassy Colombiana who knows and loves the local scene.

Crossfade: Tell us all about Miami Music TV, how it came about and what the aim is?

Natalie Arroyave: Miami Music Television was put together by Bruce Knight, the executive producer, and has become the premiere showcase for celebrity interviews and upcoming artist/bands. MMTV has captured the attention of major record labels and Grammy winning producers and artists that now have MMTV acting as a direct link to help these up and coming artists/bands get signed to management and record deals. So any artist that wants to be on the show should go on and submit your information.

How did you get involved in the project?

I was actually approached by the executive producer. He had seen some of my work in the past, interviewing celebrities and hosting. He told me the concept of the show, which was at first all about giving up-and-coming artists/bands exposure on the show. I loved it especially because I am from Miami and know how much great talent we have here. So, I mentioned that I had a couple of celebrity/managers contact and I could get some great interviews for the show. We collaborated the two great ideas, and came up with showcasing the up-and-coming artists and having celebrity interviews for the show.

As a show about music in Miami, you must have your fingers on the pulse of the town. Who are some locals you guys are keeping an eye on?

There's this band/group called Community Property. Their music is a mixture of rock, blues, and soul, it really makes you get up and want to dance. I've also been enjoying this other band called Bred Crumbs, they have a unique sound of hip-hop, rock , funk, and they have great energy when they perform. And I can't ever get enough of Locos Por Juana. I love the Afro-Cumbia sound, it's awesome! I'm really trying to get them on the show!

Tell us a little about some of the cool things you guys have covered?

Being in Miami, we are very lucky to always get invited to great events. So far, Art Basel has been the best. It was like three to four events a day for a week straight with all different types of musicians from all over the world.

Can you give us any teasers of cool stuff that we can see coming up on Miami Music TV?

A couple of celebrities are going to come on the show and co-host with me, that's going to be real exciting, so be sure to keep a look out for that. If you go on we always show who will be performing. And also the public is always more than welcome to be part of the studio audience, so check out where we'll be online, and join us!

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