Maxwell hitting up the American Airlines Arena July 31

More acts need to do this: Start or end their tours in South Florida. Way too often, when acts are touring the U.S. they'll make a stop in Atlanta and call that the southern leg. It seems like too much of a problem to travel all the way down here to play a show then head back up the East Coast. Thankfully, more acts are realizing that Miami is a perfect place to start or end a tour. R&B singer extraordinaire Maxwell is the latest to announce the end of his tour will be in Miami, at The American Airlines Arena  to be exact on July 31. Maxwell is touring to promote his upcoming album BLACKsummers'night, the first of a planned trilogy, which should be in stores on July 7. Although Maxwell has the tour scheduling down, he might want to work on album naming, as he's slated to call the second album BlackSUMMERS'night and the third Blacksummers'NIGHT. That's not confusing at all. Pick up your tickets via Ticketmaster.