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Steven Tyler Says "I'm Not a Racist," Halfheartedly Apologizes to Nicki Minaj

"Pink" may be Steven Tyler's "fav-o-rite co-lor, but the jury's still out on whether he's down with brown (skin).

Current American Idol judge Nicki Minaj thinks that the former Idol judge and Aerosmith frontman is a racist for assuming that she'd send Bob Dylan "to the cornfield" if he were to appear on the inexplicably long-running reality singing competition.

Naturally, the 64-year-old rocker went on Canadian television yesterday to defend himself and then halfheartedly apologize for his alleged racial insensitivity.

Peep the video after the cut.

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The controversy started after Tyler opened up about the current judging panel on American Idol in an interview with MTV:

"You just have to give your opinion. It wasn't hard for me, but I would imagine it's hard for some people, and they need a manager to say 'Shut the fuck up, and just give them your opinion,'" Tyler said. "These kids, they just got out of a car from the Midwest somewhere and they're in New York City, they're scared to death; you're not going to get the best [out of them]... If it was Bob Dylan, Nicki Minaj would have had him sent to the cornfield! Whereas, if it was Bob Dylan with us, we would have brought the best of him out, as we did with Phillip Phillips. Just saying."

Minaj fired back on Twitter, accusing Tyler of bigotry before telling the "Dude Looks Like a Lady" singer to "go fuck" himself.

But in an effort to curb the celebrity race war, Tyler appeared on Canada's eTalk program yesterday, where he adamantly denied any racially driven wrongdoing.

"I don't know where she got that out of me saying, 'I'm not sure how she would have judged Bob Dylan,'" Tyler said. "I was just saying that if Bob Dylan came on the show, he would've been thrown off. Maybe I spoke out of turn. But a racist, I'm not, Nicki."

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