Lil Dagger's "Dead Golden Girls" Video Is a Druggy Downer That Doesn't Suck!

Have you seen local psych-garage crew Lil Daggers' new music video for "Dead Golden Girls"?

Well, according to the Dagger dudes' official post-shoot press release (you know, a single sentence and animated GIF of good ol' gluttunous Garfield, issued via Tumblr), the vid was shot in a "fucked up fire hazard makeshift studio" during an apparently frenzied pizza binge that resulted in acute pepperoni intoxication and repeated displays of exasperation.

And yet despite the rambunctious (though occasionally tense) on-set atmosphere, the "Dead Golden Girls" clip isn't quite the equivalent of a comically greasy man-on-cat pillow fight.

In fact, directed by Matthew Prickett and Michael Ruiz Unger with production from Daggers front dude Johnny Saraiva, it's pretty much the total opposite -- a stone-cold existential bummerfest with a really rad soundtrack.

Just imagine if your eyes began to bleed blue after smoking some unknown substance out of the bottom of a rusty can while locked in a half-abandoned warehouse squat as the whole world blurred and twitched, and your favorite band suddenly showed up with their gear, a stack of pepperoni-and-cheese pizzas, and nightmare stories about murdered sitcom stars.

In other words, it's the kind of druggy downer that doesn't suck!

Buy Lil Daggers' self-titled LP in the US through Limited Fanfare. The record is also being released in the UK through Toad Records on December 5.

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